I dream of books

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Is it me or this commercial is quite refreshing?! <3

The cast itself is absolutely magical: fairy tales' characters star in it.

TV ad for The Literacy Foundation of Canada link

Agency : Bleu Blanc Rouge
Director : JM Ravon
Original Soundtrack : Audio Z

We see Cinderella in an hospital. As she wanders in the hallway, she sees: 

Hop-o'-My-Thumb, one of the seven Dwarfs of Snow White, Peter Pan and Sleeping Beauty.

When suddenly a bell rings, the doctor and the nurse rush in a room. We guess that it is the Little Red Ridding Hood's room as her red cape is hung on the door and her basket is on the table.

And then: beep... beep... beep... beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep: the Little Red Ridding Hood has just passed.

Voice over: (a little girls says) "when we don't read, imagination disappears." 

Bottom line: " Give a new book to a child in need."

What else can I add?? Illiteracy is not a matter of poor countries only- but does touch lots of families in need even in your neighborhood. It is sad that even nowadays, it still is a privilege for some people (adults and children) to have access to reading and writing. It's funny how for us this is  a must and for them a gift. 

Reading is the basis of freedom and I can't picture myself not having access to that freedom! If I were not to have access to reading, I would dream of books every single day...like Cinderella dreamt of the ball and The little Mermaid of two legs. 

I believe giving a book is like offering a little imagination. And without imagination, our dearest fairy tales would not exist today. :(((

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