About the MAW

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MAW is the anagram of my first and last name.

Hear the MAW is the place where I sniff out magic in the most ordinary trifle.


The Friday Chronicle

No- I do not write my articles every Fridays only! lol

Friday means the beginning of the week end!! 

So I tend to be more relaxed and in the mood to chill out with family, friends, people... and during these moments, I'm getting a bit philosophical and inspired I guess. : )


The Stories

The stories I write are no Fairy tales- not here.

So if this is what you are looking for, you should probably get a nice Andersen or Grimm's book or else you might be quite disappointed.

However, if some stories begin with "once upon a time", they remain realistic and some are even inspired by some events in my life. I believe in magic even in realistic stories, I believe in happy endings even in sad stories. 


Welcome to you! <3


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